At WACHTER ORIENTAL we are passionate about global business and creating trade.
With our vast personal network, which spans many regions and sectors, we assist our global clients in several ways.

As facilitators of business we aim to understand our client’s core activities as thorough as possible. We see it as our duty to support and manage the peripheral circumstances in order for our clients to feel home and enable their core business to flourish in “new territories”.

Trade & Investment Facilitators

As trade & investment facilitators we assist customers from various sectors with local management consultancy, business development, handholding and representation services.


We are merchants of a variety of products in our focus regions. This facility gives our global customers the opportunity to also establish a local distribution model through us as part of a local trade facilitation and business development arrangement.


To better support the needs of our global customers we have invested in engineering capacity in India. Through our Alliance Partners, we are able to deliver a wide variety of engineering services to global customers.