WACHTER ORIENTAL is a Belgian-Australian service group established in India in 2009 to assist overseas companies in doing business in the subcontinent. Its promoters are coming from industrial, agricultural and academic backgrounds and are having vast experience in establishing international collaborations. The group has grown globally with passion and dedication.

During the first decade of the new millennium the promoters have worked intensively in India in different sectors, from sourcing materials for the European and North American automotive industry to establishing collaborative agricultural research projects between the Indian and Australian Governments. During this period WACHTER ORIENTAL was established out of a passion. The Belgian and Australian promoters had experienced the challenges of doing business, while located in a new territory such as India, with a different business culture, different habits… a different world altogether.
Due to its local presence and understanding of the local business culture, WACHTER ORIENTAL began guiding overseas small and medium size enterprises (SME) with their ventures in India such as local business development, representation, distribution, local project management, sourcing and supply chain management.
With the same passion, and home in both worlds, WACHTER ORIENTAL is today active in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region supporting global companies in “new territories”. Out of experience we know how rough the seas can become when the trade winds start to blow. We offer our clients a safe harbour, away from home.

WACHTER ORIENTAL primarily focuses on small and medium size enterprises (SME) that want to enjoy global growth and a local presence without the immediate necessity of establishing local entities or that require a range of support with local activities. We also actively support customers that want to establish local joint venture activities, are looking for local partners or that want to acquire or establish a local company.

We encourage our clients to “Think Global, Act Local” and support them in the most practical way to do so.

We are true locals in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.