Located in Belgium, the centre of Europe, WACHTER ORIENTAL is well-situated to organise project management, business development and local representation projects for global companies of various sectors that want to export to and distribute their products in Europe.
From our office, located in the Port of Bruges – Zeebrugge, we are well-positioned to assist our clients with supply chain support services. Zeebrugge is the Gateway to Europe for many Asian and Australasian exporters.

European Gateway.

The historical city of Bruges has been a centre of trade since the 12th century. Its modern deepsea port on the shores of the North Sea is well-linked with the Asia-Pacific region.

The port is centrally located at the northern entrance of the English Channel, near the closest crossing between continental Europe and the UK. Zeebrugge is an ideal distribution hub for a combination of regions such as continental Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia and the Baltic, all the way up to Russia. By road Brussels is one hour and Paris, London, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam are less than four hours away. The large cold chain cluster in the port is well known as a European distribution centre for food products, seafood, meat and fresh fruits. New Zealand kiwi fruit has been distributed in Europe via Zeebrugge for decades. With Free Trade Agreements on the way between the European Union and Australia and the European Union and New Zealand, WACHTER ORIENTAL is in a unique position to assist Australasian agri-companies with on the ground activities in Europe to better penetrate the EU market.
The Port of Zeebrugge is world leader in transhipment of new cars. As it is located in the vicinity of several vehicle manufacturing plants, various Asian automotive component manufacturers route their logistics through Zeebrugge. (