Facilitating Global Business

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Christopher Columbus

At WACHTER ORIENTAL we are passionate about global business and creating trade.

With our vast personal network, which spans many regions and sectors, we assist our global clients in several ways.

As facilitators of business we aim to understand our client’s core activities as thorough as possible. We see it as our duty to support and manage the peripheral circumstances in order for our clients to feel home and enable their core business to flourish in “new territories”.  We assist our clients with mutually establishing a local strategy in these new markets and provide hands-on sector specialists to support clients in rolling out such strategies.  Our offices are centrally located in our focus regions and are a haven for business creation and support for our clients.  We offer clients a unique and 100% tailor-made “Your Business in Our Kitchen” approach.

WACHTER ORIENTAL primarily focuses on small and medium size enterprises (SME) that want to enjoy global growth and a local presence without the immediate necessity of establishing local entities or that require a range of support with local activities. We also actively support customers that want to establish local joint venture activities, are looking for local partners or that want to acquire or establish a local company.

We encourage our clients to “Think Global, Act Local” and support them in the most practical way to do so.

We are true locals in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.